Ourtime est une installation développée pour la 3° conference sur la time perspective qui aura lieu à Copenhague du 15 au 19 aout 2016 - Voir dossier ci dessous

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Celebrating Time: 3rd International Time Perspective Conference | TP CPH 2016


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installation project for the 3rd International Conference on Time Perspective
15 -19 August 2016, Copenhagen

The concepts of time and distance are an integral part of my work for several years (see timeline). This thinking was refined during interventions with Nicolas Fieulaine and Institute of Psychology at University of Lyon for the "Psychic Care, Creativity and Artistic Expression” degree.

OUrTime is the synthesis of our latest creations, where the question arose of the journey, memory, self-image, our representation of the world and the media.
This installation investigates our perception of the present moment and trip ideas and experience. It draws on the theories of Halbwachs on the "collective memory" and "I remember" G. Perec for a glimpse of the social changes due to new technologies and speed of the world today.

Between objective geographies, sensory transition, and subjective listening, this is to interview and observe the notion of experience, the question of the sharing and dissemination. We could talk about situationist Psychogeography, using the phone as a remote update tool of reality for a better look.

Le projet OUrTime - Copenhagen est soutenu par l’institut Français de Copenhague et le Fablab de Nicéphore cité à Chalon sur Saone.

Nous cherchons d’autres partenaires pour développer ce projet jusqu’en 2018 date de la 4° conference sur la Time perspective. Cette installation à vocation sociale peut être adaptée pour différents évènements dans des espaces publics ou privés, dans le but de construire une mémoire collective où l’expérience présente met en perspective les actions futures.

Pour tout contact : symeon.fieulaine@wanadoo.fr (auteur du projet)

Call for participation in the frame of the 3rd Conference on Time Perspective

For the OUrTime installation, I would like to record short texts (3 sentences maximum, adnish or english) of “your idea of time perspective” as a maxim or a Zen Koan (riddle)

These recordings will be available to the public through telephones situated on "Superkillen Park", next to the conference venue.
The idea is to make the various researches on Time Perspective accessible to the greatest number.

Please send your voice messages to TimeWillTellCopenhagen@gmail.com
Thank you for your participation!

Help : You can recording your text with evernote for mac and pc, on your smartphone with dictation applies or on internet with : http://online-voice-recorder.com/fr/.


Superkilen park-Copenhague 2016